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We offer Antenatal and Postnatal care at all centres. These sessions are delivered either by local midwives or from Health Hospitals and are by appointment only. We will provide guidance and support for these programmes.













BUMP Start

Are you expecting a baby? Would you like some extra support? If so, a carefully selected and trained volunteer (who can speak your language) can visit you in your home to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and enjoy being the best parent you can to your new baby. Your volunteer will be able to offer you emotional and practical support throughout your pregnancy and up until your baby’s first birthday.

You and your family will decide together what sort of support you want. By visiting and meeting you regularly either in your own home or centre, your Bump-Start volunteer can help you with such things as: Helping you think about the kind of birth you would like to have and helping you prepare your home for the arrival of the baby.

Volunteer company if you are feeling isolated or lonely.


You are the most important person in your baby’s life but being a parent can sometimes feel overwhelming, particularly if you are going through a difficult time. If you can get the support you need when you need it, your baby’s future can be so much brighter and you will be supported to help your baby grow, develop and learn.

Emergency Care and Support

Sometimes during pregnancy, we feel ‘vulnerable’ or ‘low’ and need a little extra support. We have staff and volunteers who can offer One-to-One or Group sessions, to help you through this difficult period. If you are feeling anxious or are low in mood and would like to speak to somebody confidentially about how you can get support with this, please contact More For Kidz centre. Our befriending volunteer who can support and speak your language can support you in your home or at centre.

Being healthy

Keeping healthy during pregnancy and as a new parent is very important. All of our centres offer free workshops and seminars on Healthy Start Vitamins for you and your child. Being pregnant should be an exciting and happy time.  

Mums and Bumps

During your pregnancy we encourage you to join our Mums and Bumps group. The group is for women in the later stages of pregnancy and mothers with new babies under six months old. This relaxed group is a good way to get to know other mums/mums-to-be who live nearby to make friends for you and your baby.

Once a month the group has a ‘specialist’ attending the group such as a Health Visitor, Music Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Counsellor Childcare Adviser and Job Adviser. These specialists will give a small talk and then stay in the session to answer any queries you may have. The group is also a fun place to be while gaining advice

and support.

Breastfeeding Welcome and Supported by centre

If you're a mum with a baby, it helps to know where you are welcome to breastfeed your child when you are out and about.  More For Kidz centres has launched a Breastfeeding Welcome scheme throughout their Kidz centre across New Zealand, to let breastfeeding mums know where they will be made especially welcome.

For location please visit

Breastfeeding support is also available contact or visit More For Kidz Centres for more information

Fathers/Male Carers

We encourage dads to be/dads/Male Carers to use all our services; we know that this is not always possible due to work and other commitments. We hold every two months sessions or events to participate on Fridays or Saturdays that are Dads-only play sessions. This is a safe place for dads/male carers to meet other dads, play with their children and get support and advice from our team if needed.

Change in career?

Often during pregnancy, parents-to-be start thinking about their life with a new baby and may consider a change in career or consider taking up training. We have specialist job list displayed on notice board to support you with Work/Job Club sessions.

Parenting advice

Whether you are a new parent or this is your second or third child, all parents can benefit from parenting advice. We hold regular Parenting Workshops and events for mums and dads-to-be. These two-hour workshops help you prepare for becoming a parent, think about your parenting style, and prepare for your new baby and how to deal with.

Regular Events and Excursions

We do organise family events, excursion and educational trips on a regular basis for everyone to participate. Through this event we promote social and cultural well being by connecting and bringing community together.

Parenting Workshops-E-learning webinars

During these sessions we offer regular workshops on topics such as sleep, toilet training, oral health and parenting; we also have regular professional visitors such as a Speech and Language Therapist and Back to Work Advisers.

Mum’s Circle

Once a month we hold a group called mum’s Circle. This group has been set up by local mothers for local mothers so they can meet and share their parenting experiences. The group is warm and friendly and encourages new mums to join them. Not all mums settle into motherhood well, and those mums need a little extra help.

Grand Parents Meet

Once a month we hold a group called Grand Parents meet. This group has been set up by local grandmothers for local grandmothers so they can meet and share their experiences. The group is warm and friendly and encourages one generation to connect and grow together to join them. Not all grandparents settle well into raising grand-children well, and support those who need a little extra help.

Toys and Equipment

Once your baby comes along you and your baby will enjoy the toys and equipment provided at this session to help stimulate baby’s development. More For Kidz Children’s Centres team can also advise you on what equipment you will need to make your home safe for your new baby.

Play Group

MORE FOR KIDZ care centres offer great opportunities for you to have fun with your baby while helping them to develop. We offer free Playgroup session for Under 5yrs. These sessions are run by our qualified and registered staff with support of volunteers who are on hand to encourage you and your child to enjoy learning through play.


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