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Our MORE FOR KIDZ centres are open Monday to Friday 09:00-17:00.


MORE FOR KIDZ CARE offers free, confidential support at your local Kidz Centre. If you are an adult living or working in your local communities, you can come and talk to one of our staff or volunteers about any worries you might have, whether about yourself, your children, your family, home or work life, loss or trauma, crisis time and emergency care. Everything MORE KIDZ CARE does remains confidential, non-judgemental and respectful.

Below is a list of areas that you can explore for information, advice and services to help improve your, or the child you care for, health and wellbeing and development.


At each of our centres you will find a team of friendly staff, volunteers and Practitioners who are on hand daily to talk you through the right services for you and your family. We want you to feel comfortable using our centres: our range of activities offer lots of opportunities for you to relax, make friends and learn new skills.



Some of the activities planned for this programme are:


Education in Sports-different indoor and outdoor games

·      1.5yrs to 5yrs-Introduction to sports and Fun games

·      6yrs-13yrs- Sports camp training and skills development

·      14-25-Youth Sports camp

·      Parents in action

·      Grand Parent fun sports



Well-being, Nutrition and wellness programme

·      Yoga, Meditation, Zumba,

·      Cultural Dance

·      Nutrition and healthy eating



Learning and Development

·      Cultural Diversity and heritage

·      Centre-events and different cultural celebration

·      Migrant and Refugee support.

·      Language classes



·      To be Parent programme-once a month

·      Dads and Mums Coffee Club

·      Grand Parent Programme-once a month

·      Breastfeeding Welcome-Anytime Mon- Fri 9-5

·      One-to-One and group support

·      Protecting Most Vulnerable

·      Emergency and Crisis support and care at all centres.



·      Computer classes

·      Digitally safe learning

·      Virtual and Zoom platform webinars


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