The foundation of More For Kidz is based on a 5G philosophy which can be explained as follows:



We understand and respect that Being a parent, grandparent, caregiver or Professional looking after kidz can be very demanding. It is very easy to forget about your own needs because you are busy looking after kidz either your own family or supporting any other family. It is important that you find time for yourself and make efforts to look after yourself and develop yourself along with Kidz.


We understand and appreciate the diverse needs of communities. We offer a wide range of resources to support cultural and heritage programme, language development, supporting migrants, Refugee and Ethnic communities.


Our vision is a world where Kidz and young people feel safe and realise their aspirations to succeed. Our work is driven by a belief that all Kidz should have the chance to achieve their full potential and contribute to a healthy, strong society and environment.


More For Kidz Early Intervention centre will work in partnership with other services reducing the downstream social and economic costs to communities and government such as Oranga Tamariki, CYF, NZ POLICE, schools voluntary and community organisations.

Through these partnerships we can offer drop-in services, support services, training opportunities, information/advice sessions and emergency care.

More For Kidz Blog & Vlog includes leadership and advocacy, early learning and development, parenting and management tips.


The education, protection and wellbeing of children, is at our heart. It takes a whole village to raise a child.


Our learning hubs works in partnership with other services in the community, such as health, housing, social care, schools voluntary and community organisations. Through these partnerships we are able to offer drop-in services, support services, training opportunities and information/advice sessions.


More For Kidz offers a global reach as we will be involving experts from all over the world. Our webinars and workshops will also have a global reach due to our digital media channels.


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