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The direction that More For Kidz aims to head towards can be summarised as below:


1. To develop our work: We already support thousands of kiwi kidz, young people and family each year, via our MORE FOR KIDZ Centre projects and employment support. Over the next three years we will position ourselves as a lead provider for young people, ensuring that we represent their voices. We will develop advocacy services to support families, build a group of young ambassadors and increase the numbers of young people we reach.

2. To extend our work with health agencies: We already work closely with multiple health agencies and intend to increase this over the next three years. We will be focussing on mental health, family resilience, relationships and sexuality, early intervention and childhood obesity. Having strong relationships in place will ensure a strong platform for future growth.

3. To continue to focus on quality and demonstrate our impact: Being able to demonstrate what we have done, and our effectiveness is vital if we are to attract new partners and new funders. We already have feedback from parents, children, caregivers, professionals and funders that our work is valued and that our quality is excellent. However, we must standardise how we capture and report this data. Each year we will produce an impact report demonstrating the difference we have made across our entire organisation.

4. To increase our public profile: We recognise that we are not a very well-known charity, to grow our support we need to generate more awareness of what we do, how we do it and the children, families and caregiver we support. At the same time, we do not have large budgets to spend on marketing and must identify cost effective ways of sharing our messages.

In 2015 More For Kidz charity founders and trustee Rrahul Dosshi and Bhavini Doshii with expertise in this area and seek pro bono support to successfully increase our public profile. We would also like to acknowledge our other two trustee Krishna Sharma and Rikky Minocha for their valued contribution.

5. To strengthen our infrastructure: We are a national charity, but we have strong community links and can be delivering different services in different regions in New Zealand in response to rurally isolated and local needs. Due to COVID 19 pandemic We are likely to continue to see variations in the services we provide and so it is vital that we drive forwards with improvements in our processes, systems and efficiency to ensure that we can deliver the maximum benefit for every dollar

we spend.

Over the next three years we aim to streamline internal processes, reduce costs and within this goal we will also ensure the delivery of our HR, Finance and IT strategies resulting in a lean and efficient charity that is fit for the future.

6. To diversify our income streams: Strong and diverse funding will be crucial to our ability to expand and will give us opportunities to innovate where we see that change is needed. We will work to maintain the contracts we have built and submit new high-quality funding and grants to ensure that this level of statutory income will remain stable. Our remaining funding comes from active fundraising activities from a wide variety of non-statutory sources.

Our aim is to investigate additional new income streams such as national and local funding. In order to achieve our funding goals, we will need to invest in our national and regional fundraising to make sure that our resources meet our future ambition for growth.

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